Dancing the night away


Love these gals!!

I recently went out dancing with my longtime very close friends over the weekend. It was a blast! Two of us have children so for us it was wonderful to just have a night off to have fun, and DANCE! However I have discovered something since my good ole days of clubbing in my 20’s…things have most definitely changed.


I remember when I would hit up the club with my best gals wearing a simple pair of jeans heels and just a fun top. Nowadays it’s all about the *LBSD not a LBD  an *LBSD. I Love a good black dress, but serious the dresses I saw last weekend…well let’s just say I saw a little too much on a few gals. What happened to the rules of style? What happened to dressing up to go dancing but not completely letting it all hang out? Maybe I am just getting old, but I still think a gal can sport a great party girl, rip up the club outfit without letting her lady bits hang out of her dress.


I also forgot all about the guys who hang out by the edge of the dance floor and peruse the floor for a girl he can “catch.” Oh these guys, they do make me giggle. They like to look mysterious and coy hanging out at the edge of the floor. Will they dance or won’t they dance, or maybe they can’t dance. The creepy factor of these guys is generally pretty high. I actually caught a few off guard by flat out catching them talk about a girl’s rear end right in front of me. The satisfaction of seeing them realize I heard everything was enough to top off the evening.


And it’s all a competition. Being single and out for the night I would say about 80% of people out are “looking” to meet someone. Guys get more obnoxious and loud trying to attract attention and girls get….well let’s just say catty. Case in point. I walked past a female, I had never met in my life, and she gave the eye roll “I am better then you look.” This made me giggle. Why? Because I knew why she had done it. I was that girl in my twenties.  It’s embarrassing to admit now, but every once in a great while we have our moments of shame that we look back on, and for me that was one of them. So now all I can do is giggle and keep walking by.


I forgot how much drama happens in the clubs over the weekend. There is always a crier in the bathroom or with her boyfriend in a corner. OK I know this one isn’t knew, but it’s funny to me. Why because I have been the crier before. I look back on this now and laugh because what I cried about was also so dumb. I would have had so many drinks that my emotions would go all over the place, and anything made me cry! Now when I go out I see it all the time. There is always a crier wherever you go.

New dancing/going out resolution:

We left the place of expensive drinks, short dresses, drama, and men on the prowl for a place I would consider to be diveier than others. Here the drinks were affordable, the music was exactly the same as the last place, and the company much more agreeable and laid back. I forget how the smallest or least “fancy” of places can be the most fun to hang out in.

Maybe it’s my age (but I would still consider myself young), or my tolerance for certain things is just less, or maybe I just realized how unimportant the façade of an environment is. Either way my night out dancing was a blast, thanks to my gals! Love you both to bits and thanks for the fabulous weekend!!


*LBSD (Little Skanky Black dress)

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