A little face love when your on a budget

I know I posted earlier about my LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for the Arbonne primer form this post, But sometimes I just want a little something different to . For many of you buying a nicer face primer is just not in the budget or If you are out and about just want to grab whats available. So if you fall into this category I share my latest favorite find.  The E.L.F brand, mineral face primer . This particular primer has a shimmery tint to make your skin literally glow, which is perfect for when you want to change things up a bit in your makeup routine. Since this winter has been a little long and little tough, anything that makes my skin glow like I have just been outside is a thumbs up in my book. And to top it off E.L.F. has this great little all over color stick that works wonders for creating that seriously natural sun kissed rosy cheek. FaceLove

Original images and product found here and here

You can find quite a variety of these primers  to support your skin wants and needs. I personally went for the Radiant Glow (which is where the shimmer came from) to add that spring shine to my skin. Once primed I sweep my mineral powder lightly across my skin and finish with a swipe or two of the All over stick,  in Pink Lemonade. Blend that in and top with mascara (or your regular eye makeup routine,) and you have an easy breezy barely there make look that allows your skin to look radiant and glow.

I made the hubs take this pic while out on the porch yesterday evening (in my awesome hanging out at home attire) to show you how great this stuff really is. this is me at the end of my workday. Because I ran over lunch I typically do a very minimal make to finish the workday. I had been wearing my makeup since about noon after my lunchtime run and this shot was taken at about 7:30PM! My skin still looks fresh and amazing.

facelove (1 of 1)

So the next time your in Target and you need to stick to a budget check out these two products!!

*These opinions are my own, I am not being sponsored to share these opinions, but rather just love to share products I find and love

Latest obsessions – revving up for spring!

4-10-2014 9-38-06 AM

After what has seriously felt like the longest winter ever, I think we are finally into official spring. I can tell everyone here in the surrounding cities are just plain out tired of snow, and ready to be outdoors as much as we can be. With a new season, comes new obsessions.

Because of the amount of snow we have had I feel like some great rubber boots are in order for this spring and summer. Currently craving these or these

If you are remodeling or attempting any home project this spring you NEED to check out Houzz.

Have you ever heard or TRX Barre/Cardio Barre? Check me out in the TRX straps here and here. No joke this is a hard class, I mean I am still sore for days after, but I am obsessed and I highly recommend it.

I am slowly jumping onto this Paleo Bandwagon. I am not 100%  strict on it, but I would say about 85-90 % of what I cook these days is following that diet, and I feel spectacular!

Just ordered these pants for spring. I cannot wait to try the loose pant trend

Just made two of these books to document little mans first two years. They are so adorable and even the Hubs loves them!

I am in love with this foaming body scrub. If you have not checked out Arbonne you really should.

I hope that you are all loving the warmer temps of spring! Happy Thursday everyone!

I might join the circus

Over the weekend I joined some wonderful friends to celebrate a birthday. Part of enjoying this birthday event was being able to see the hard work that my amazing friend has put into creating for her sister. I mean seriously if she pins it she will make it and she will make it well.  But that my friends is not the best part about this birthday event. The birthday girl decided that the best way to celebrate her day was to take a flying trapeze lesson! This is the type of thing you dream about doing when your 5 and just left the kindergarten field trip to the circus. This has to be the coolest birthday I have been to, and that includes when I was a kid

Check this out..

If you haven’t looked into try this you really should. As sore as I am still two days later, it was the most fun/invigorating outing I have done in a very long time. If your in my neck of the woods check them out here.

To top off this awesome outing my very close friend created the most amazing atmosphere at her home to get us all in the circus mood. I will be posting more of the images to help announce her amazing event planning business soon, but here is a few just to give you an idea of her crafty creativity.

party1 (1 of 1)

party2 (1 of 1)

I cannot wait to share more about her business when we get the rest of these photos ready and her site up to share!


Holy Buckets folks, I cannot believe how busy I have been to the point where I cannot even get a post written! Our lives have been momentarily turned upside down with the hours my hubs has been putting in at work. (Blessings of being married to an IT guy right?) So between work being busy and being a single mommy at night afterwards it’s been a little tough getting posts out on the ole blog. I have some great posts coming up and hopefully I will be able to get my fabulous sister in laws fitness posts up and running soon! In the mean time I thought since it’s Friday I would post some delightful randomness for your viewing pleasure :)

- I have a recent obsession with Poshmark. It’s like online consignment. It feeds my J.Crew Addiction and fits my budget.

- I decided after last weekend celebrating the hubs Bday, that Costco has the BEST pre-made cheesecake if you can’t make your own.

- Happy hours in my life have now turned into after dinner cocktails in the bathroom while the kiddo has bath time. (Apparently I am not alone with this and grateful that I am not)

- This recipe has become a weekly staple in our home, and it’s gets the hubby/kiddo approval. Seriously try this it is so delicious!

- I sometimes think it would be awesome to quit my day job to be a Barre/yoga instructor..Then I realize it would be hard to talk while doing half of what they do and decide that it’s not a good idea anymore

- Speaking of Yoga/Barre, I cannot even tell you how stoked I am to go to the Lululemon warehouse sale a week from today! If you live in the area don’t miss out!

- I came to the realization last week that planning lavish bdays for kids under 5 is just not worth it.

Those are just some random thoughts to start the weekend from me to you. Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned!




Orange, I guess is the new black..who knew!

Sorry for my week hiatus of not blogging. After vacation, and just getting back into the work groove I needed to re-acclimate to “normal” life. And by normal I mean not sitting in 84 degrees looking at palm trees. Of course the day we came home it was -15 degrees out, but things are finally looking up. after a few days of wretched cold to welcome us home, it has finally started to warm up, and the snow is FINALLY starting to melt! So what does that mean? Spring is just around the corner! It means a new change in wardrobe, brighter colors in everything from fashion to home decor to mother nature herself. I have been scowering the internet checking out the latest trends for everything spring 2014. Bring on the spring!

I see a lot of great things out there but the one thing that keeps sticking out to me, that I am loving the most, is that apparently Netflix was the color trendsetter of the year. Showing us all that orange really is the new black, And not just in an all female prison either.


Found in…



Image here Rebekah Minkoff | JCrew 2014 Fashion Preview | Kate Spade Spring preview


0cd21560b792044741413959da20155a Image found here


3284208a3e9982d311ee6a6564a97934Image found here

And Homes


What are your thoughts on this trend? I personally love the whole orange is the new black trend and embrace it wholeheartedly. granted I may not be sporting orange lipstick anytime soon or re decorating my entire home to accommodate. But a wicked celosia orange manicure,  a few floral arrangements and candles, and a few pieces to wear is all this gal needs to stay trendy for the upcoming spring.

Feeling like a vacation goddess

*I was hoping to get this posted earlier in the week but due to internet issues here in DR I am just now getting images uploaded and ready to share!

You know that feeling when you find the most perfect maxi dress for vacation? Well I do! I recently came across this fun fabulous shopping site called Sammydress.com. They are chock full of fun trendy pieces for an extremely reasonable cost. I found this dress and it beckoned my name. It literally makes me feel like a Greek goddess. The cut, style, color, and the gold braid of the straps just makes the whole piece look and fit amazing. But my favorite thing about this dress is hands down the length. I am only 5’4” so finding a maxi that I don’t have to alter was like finding treasure.
If you haven’t checked out Sammydress.com you should take a peak and see all the great trendy pieces they have!



Dress | Brecelets here, here, and here | Sandals – Dolce Vita via Nordstrom Rack Similar here

Had to share these though from my phone




*This post is sponsored By Sammydress.com. All thoughts and opinions  of the dress are my own. 

The Countdown is Over! Vacation Necessities – All the random little things



Image Courtesy of  Trip Advisor

It’s finally here! we are leaving tomorrow! Or I hope we are leaving tomorrow???  Supposedly we are getting a ton of snow starting in the next hour or so, and it is supposed to snow all day and all night! Our only concern at this point is will the airplane leave tomorrow morning? Here’s hoping. We are now in the state of packing bags, checking off lists, and making sure we have everything we need, and everything our son needs while we are away. Here is my random list of Vacation prep random little things as my last little bugget of vacation funnies, necessities, and random thoughts.

-I was Introduced to this awesome site called dontforgetyourtoothbrush.com. This is awesome.You enter in your destination and a packing list generates with all things you need. I made edits to cater to me personally, but it was pretty nice and handy.

-I always get waxed before these kinds of vacations. If you are the same, and have a Waxing the City near you I HIGHLY recommend them. The hard wax was no where near as painful as was using cloth strips. Seriously check them out they are awesome!

-The saddest excuse for a home pedicure Here. I was doing so good till I crawled into bad a few nights ago not realizing they were still tacky. Bad enough I have little nugget toes now my pedicure is just as bad.

-I am pretty sure I am drinking a smoothy for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner since that is all we have in our fridge now.

- I had never thought of Power of Attorney while away and out of the country! Here is a nice simple Power of Attorney form you can fill out and notarize allowing the caregivers of your child permission to make medical decision in case of emergency. (Thank you Anna P. for this nugget of knowledge!)

-Hahahaha Sorry I apologize for any swearing in these but she hits the nail on the head. This is how I think as women MOST of us pack our suitcase. And this is why I used the site listed up top.

- I have yet to pack my sons bag for going to his grandparents house ( this will happen last min I am sure)

-I am a huge fan of leggings on long flights for comfort. Here are some great outfits that still look chic and comfy I can recreate for traveling! Personally digging the outfits or Kristen Cavallari and Olivia Polermo myself!

Well I think that’s about it for my little list of last min random vacation thoughts! I can’t wait to post pics and share some fun outfits while away!

Also Don’t forget you still have time to enter the Sunglasses giveaway!!

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My gross moment in motherhood

Things have been a bit busy the last few days in our home with working, and just trying to get everything ready for our trip! I didn’t think I would have too much time to write about this but it appears I have found a moment to sit and tell you all about the gross motherhood moment I had last evening.

Last night I gave my son a bath. I got him in the tub earlier then normal since I still had things to get done (lets face it, I attempted to do my nails, and with him running around it’s not easy.) So at an earlier time then normal we were in the middle of playing when he made “the face.” When I say “the face,” I think many moms out there know what I am talking about. I asked him, “Do you need to go poopy?” (we have a training seat and have been practicing for a month now) He responds with, “No” and continues to make “the face.” I made a parental decision, after remembering stories of my niece in the tub, and whipped around and as fast as I could put the trainer seat on the potty, and proceeded to grab little man from the tub. I grabbed him out of the tub and about halfway to the potty I heard that horrendous sound of  “thump” onto the bathroom tile. Thankfully the rest made it into the potty. However there is stood before me on the floor. (insert shudder here) After I believed my son was finished I lifted him back to the tub and  said, ” Now stand there and mommy will clean you up.” I quickly grabbed a handful of toilet paper and scooped the rouge  lump into the toilet, and used what felt like half a bottle of disinfectant to clean up the tile floor. Then proceeded to clean up my son and be done with this mess.

It wasn’t over…

By now he had sat back down into the tub and as I lifted him up to clean up his behind there it sat….More poop in the tub just staring at me. Oh it was gross. Faster then I can blink I scooped up all the toys and my son and said. “OK all done everyone out.” Now my poor little guy sees what is now in the tub and proceeds to start pointing and crying out, “Poopy!” at the tub. I mean I am not joking when I say my child was so mortified that poopy had gotten into the tub and that it came from him. I have yet to figure out if he was concerned, embarrassed, or scared but I felt so bad for him screaming, crying, and pointing. I finally had to bring him to the big potty and show him what had made it into the big potty and how he was such a big boy, that only then a smile appeared across his face in pride knowing he made it in the big potty.

Needless to say after he was cleaned up, into jammies and watching, “Little Einsteins,” This mommy had to whip on some fancy rubber gloves and proceed to bleach and scald the bathroom until I felt it had been rid of all fecal matter. Not my most glamorous moment. None the less it was a moment I knew was going to happen sooner or later. All I can do now is laugh and remember this is what I signed up for, and this is most likely just the beginning.


Image found here