Would you invest in a Classic Closet Wardrobe?

Since Baby boy P was born I am finally starting to lose some of this baby weight and getting back to feeling like myself. I am slowly getting back into investing what I am putting in my closet and cringing at what I am taking out of my closet. This is still going to be a slow process/goal I have created for designing the “classic closet wardrobe.” I have slowly been eliminating the things I don’t wear and trends that I thought I would be into that never happened, and slowly spending a bit more for those specific items in my closet that I know I will keep for a long time.

What is the point of creating a “Classic Closet wardrobe?” Well for me it’s the fact that as I am getting older I feel the need to simplify my life and invest in clothes that will last me a longer amount of time. There are two big major reasons I am wanting to do this

1. With having two boys I am finding I need to be on my toes all the time, but as a woman I still want to look chic and pulled together even if I am racing out the door.

2. I am also finding that I have wasted so many dollars on items that were once trending that I just flat out never wore or wore once and never again. What a waste right!

I will always have a few items that don’t fall into the category of classic. I will still Love trends. I will never give up my love for shopping and fashion, but I have decided to be more conscious and aware of what I am purchasing.

Here are some of the latest items on my check list. Three of these items I have purchased in the last few months, but I think those Chuck Taylors are next on my list!!

classic list

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Leather Coat | Skinnies and Trench | Oxford and Flats | Chucks and Army jacket 

 I also came across this amazing site full of checklists (I know I am a nerd and I love checklists for EVERYTHING) and of course this fantastic one on 50 Classics for your closet…Perfect!!! Granted I might swap a few of my own ideas of what I consider classic into this list, but you get the general idea of what you need and can invest in.


Found here

If you don’t already follow me on Pinterest check out my page to see my classic closet inspiration here.

He is finally here!

I cannot believe it has been two weeks since our newest addition arrived! He was a stubborn little baby and would not budge one bit. despite mommy having contractions on and off, being dilated to 3 cm for 4 weeks, dropping so low my ligaments hurt. I mean this kid was snug as a bug in a rug and did not want to come out. I would break down into tears at least once a day from being so tired and uncomfortable and over being pregnant, but he is worth it. At my last OB appt I caved and asked to be induced.

I passed the criteria and was told call right away the following morning and that they will tell me when to come in. So that next morning I called at 6AM sharp and was asked can you be in by 7:30? YES! I replied and headed upstairs to let my hubby know. Thankfully my mother had taken our son overnight so we were ready to head out and to the hospital at a blinks notice. We arrived at labor and delivery and got settled into our room for the day. I got my antibiotics going, (I tested positive for Group B strep, another reason I asked to be induced to make sure the antibiotics were given the proper time) then got my pitocin drip, and the day begun. Man my body took forever to start labor, but eventually the contractions started to roll in. My nurse finally decided it was to a point where my epidural could be done, and like the wind she had everything prepped and ready for the anesthesiologist. Just like that I had my epidural in and was slowly feeling like I could relax again…and took a nap 😉

Not sure how many hours passed A new nurse had come and gone, but I finally felt pressure, lots of pressure. Mind you it wasn’t pain just pressure with every contraction coming about everything three mins. Due to the amazing care of nurse number two the baby had finally dropped on his own and I was ready to push. With the amazing coaching of the nurses and doctor, and the support of my hubby, I was able to deliver my son within 20 mins!!! If you don’t know me well you have to understand I pushed for 2.5 hours with my first. So 20 mins was like a sprint compared to that. He was here!!! At 11:40 PM he was finally here! He came out all purple and squishy like all babies do and he was perfect. He was weighed and measure and as the nurse handed him over I asked so how big is he?  With shock on her face she replied he is 10 lbs 4 oz. My Jaw dropped. I could not believe how big he was. No wonder I was uncomfortable! But he was out and I felt like a million bucks and had a beautiful baby boy in my arms.


We are now home and adjusting to having our new addition at home, and loving every min of it. Despite the still adjusting moments, big brother loves to smother him with kisses, and mommy and daddy cannot get enough snuggles. We are thrilled to be parents to these little boys and I cannot wait to share stories with all of you!



Happy Tuesday to you all!

I blinked and now it’s almost January

WOW! where has the time gone. I was realizing the other day that I have hardly written a post since I had started my new job back in Sept after our little trip to Seattle. Our lives have been a whirlwind of getting stuff done around our home, and getting ourselves prepared for a new baby (which will hopefully join us soon) I cannot believe that literally any day now we will get to meet the second edition to our family. There are still days I can’t believe that I am going to a mother of two!

I have to admit being pregnant with a toddler and still managing to stay on top of everything is not easy, but I have managed to make it all work, thank God for Google Tasks! If you haven’t used it before and love to make to do lists this is the app for you. I swear by it. Everything from my grocery lists, weekly dinners, hospital bag packing, and to dos is there and it’s awesome! Any way what have we been up to. Well let me share 🙂

We finally had more family/maternity pics taken. Which makes me giggle since next year we will need to get new ones again with the addition of a second child.  With little guy being a toddler this did make for an interesting but fun afternoon running around and having my amazing friend Greg take our photos.

family pic blog

We are finally almost done with our addition of a new mudroom. All that’s left now is to paint the walls and a railing for the stairs outside. This was a project we started literally back in May converting the outside landing into a completely enclosed functional mudroom. The hubs pecked away at it little by little, and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this one. But thanks to his handy skills and the help of his buddy this project is almost over!


image (1)



Speaking of Paint we finally painted the walls in our living and dining room, again just another part of our long list of rooms to paint. These rooms however had been this awful color of cat puke brown. You think I am kidding? I am not. The color was literally the same as what my cat use to barf up if she ate too much. I hated the color, and 3 years later we finally have walls that are a nice shade of grayish blue. It just feels serene.

* I wish I had used a better camera to capture this but mobile is better then nothing right! And yes I take full credit for my awesome frame decor I created when we first moved in




(And yes the TV is bigger. We treated ourselves finally to a smart TV with some smudgy little finger prints)


And just a nice little shot with the holiday decor in place


There is a lot more left to do but for now that all we could finish up on the home renovation side. Just a few of those items are the kitchen counters, Kitchen repaint, kitchen Backsplash, Little mans room repaint, and a new light fixture. Just to list a few and once we are done I cannot wait to share! If you are curious to see where I get inspiration for wall color, decor, color schemes, and home renovation ideas you can visit my pinterest board “For the Home” here.


I had an incredibly busy fall with photo sessions. I normally have one day I dedicate to mini sessions and I was booked! Which is wonderful, but very busy and time consuming. I would say for about 1.5 months I was literally editing every night. Which if you sit at a computer all day, come home to be mom, then sit and edit at night, you know that it can be a LONG day once your done. However I feel like I had an incredible group with friends who have families in all different stages of life from being pregnant to parenting young adults. I was so happy with the day and some wonderful photos were taken this fall. You can see more Here

Now that the new year is upon us and things are slowing down, I am getting antsy for our little one to join us. I am literally obsessed with how to get this baby out and bring in the New Year with a second baby. I thought I would share some of the things I cannot wait to do once this baby is out.

1. We live in a cold Northern state, and I cannot wait to wear the warm coat my Hubs got me for Xmas. Sadly it doesn’t zip above the belly 🙁

2. I cannot wait to run again. I miss running it’s my thing that soothes me and keeps me mentally balanced. Walking is not cutting it. And I am ready to start training for some half marathons again!!

3. I miss sleeping on my stomach. Yes I am a stomach sleeper and I miss it. In fact I just miss good sleep in general. Not that a new born will be better, but hey at least I can lay on my stomach for the few hours I will be getting.

4. Related to the above, I miss sleeping through the night without having to get up to pee every hour.

5. I miss my old clothes (and shoes). I am officially rotating the same items each week since nothing else is comfortable. Yes there is a point where even maternity is not comfy.

6. I miss playing with my son without getting uncomfortable sitting on the ground.

Just a small list, I am sure there is more I could add but I will not bore you all with my whining. In the meantime I can only hope that each day I wake up will be the day I can go into labor and bing this baby boy into the world.

So here is to a New Year, new baby, New home projects and Hopefully more posts to come!

16 weeks of being Grateful

grateful post

OK I admit I am way behind on this post so I will make it up by listing out 8 things I am grateful for in this pregnancy 2 for each week I have missed. So if you cannot remember what this is all about, I posted a few weeks back about how I needed to stop being negative about my pregnancy and start focusing on the things I am grateful for. So here we go.

1. I am grateful that I didn’t really have awful morning sickness like some people do.

2. I am grateful for another healthy baby boy

3. I am grateful for the fact that I can still be active

4. I am grateful I can still travel, and eat LOTS of seafood while traveling:)

5. I am grateful for a reason to eat ice cream all the time!

6. I am grateful for a toddler boy who kisses my tummy and frequently says, “Hello, I am your big brother” to his baby brother.

8 I am grateful to live in a day and age where at 5.5 months pregnant you can still get a new job and no one blinks an eye about it.

8. I am grateful I can raise my children in a country that I feel we take for granted everyday. We have so many freedoms and privileges that we forget to be thankful for.

Funny thing this morning, we forgot our anniversary!

A funny thing happened to us this morning as we scrambled around our home getting ready to head out the door. We were trying to get ready for work, get kiddo dressed, make breakfast, deal with meltdown #1 -3, deal with meltdown #4-6, and finally as we are heading out the door my husband checked his phone and stopped. “Oh My Gosh!” He exclaims. “Happy Anniversary!” Sad but true we were so wrapped up in our morning and what was happening with the continuous meltdowns over anything and everything a 2 year old can think of, that we forgot our wedding anniversary! And this is a milestone year on top of it all. 5 years ago we said our vows to one another. I cannot even believe it’s been 5 years.

I don’t even feel like it’s been that long but 5 years ago I remember it was sweltering hot, we were 45 mins late, and in the intense September sun among the wine grapes, family, and friends we took vows to each other. We definitely have our bumps and roadblocks, but we somehow have continued to work through each obstacle that presents itself. He is my best friend, and I could never see myself with any other person in this world. God has truly blessed me and our marriage.

Happy Anniversary to the funniest, silliest, hardest working, most loving husband. I love you so much!







20 weeks of being Grateful And the big Gender reveal

OK so first and Foremost I am sure you would rather hear what Baby #2 will be! We were so excited to find out that we are having another boy!! We have never cared what we have, as long as they are healthy babies, and we are being blessed with another boy! Little man was so awesome and excited to share the news on Social media over the weekend. Here are some shots from his pics.

Gender reveal1



With all this Happiness around our family, in the discovery of  baby boy #2, it got me thinking about other things, like my attitude with this pregnancy. The other day I was heading into my regular Barre class (Yes I still attend Barre regularly) and as I spoke to my instructors about how  am feeling I came to a realization that I really complain a lot about being pregnant. Immediately I felt terrible as this realization hit. I thought OMG I wonder if people think I regret even getting pregnant? I thought long and hard about this through my class that afternoon. I will admit I am not the best pregnant person. I enjoy having my baby physically in my arms rather then in my body. I don’t like having to let go and allow my body to lose all control on what it does and how it grows. I am not good pregnant as my husband says.

So back to this realization on negative thoughts and comments and how they must be interpreted. I decided right then and there that each week I would make myself write down at least two things I am grateful for related to being pregnant. So in celebration of finding out we are having a boy, here it goes Thanks to Christine Marie, 20 weeks of being Grateful.

1. I am grateful that I am healthy.

Despite being uncomfortable, I am healthy. I mean I am still active, I am not over weight, I can keep up with my toddler (for the most part) But I am healthy.

2. I am grateful for stretchy athletic apparel.

I get it this is a shallow item, but in all seriousness I am soooo happy for this one. outside of work I live in this type of clothing, and the fact that all my non maternity items still fit and comfortably is a huge plus in my book. This one also hit me as I went to Barre this week and realized I was still comfortable and able to fit in these clothes. Cheers for stretchy athletic wear!

Because it’s Friday

Because it’s Friday, I will share with you all some of the current items I am obsessing over this week.


Image source

As mentioned in yesterday’s post if you LOVE checklist, this site is awesome – Matchbookmag.com. And check out the Boutique section while there, super cute stuff

OMG! this week has been my favorite week of the year…Shark week! I have been glued every night this week as soon as little man is asleep. Just feeding my fear of JAWS since childhood, I Love it!

I am currently obsessed with finding another pair of amazing boots. I bought a really cute pair only to find them too small (always a bummer) so I am now currently obsessed with these Frye boots, that will be coming home with me very soon. If you have never owned a pair of Frye’s I highly suggest investing in a pair…AMAZING!

I have finally found a NA white wine that actually tastes like wine! But it’s NA! So for now while I am preggo this will fit the bill. I was also able to pick up a NA mojito so we shall see how that tastes over the weekend.

One of my nesting projects is to create a “big boy” room for little man! Thank God for Pinterest in helping me get inspired. Totally loving this room idea.

Have you heard of the Google cardboard app and viewer? if not, and you have a droid or better yet a Google phone, Get the viewer and check it out!

I am on day 5 of a 10 day oil pulling trial, I can’t wait to see what happens after 10 days and to share it all with you. So far I am loving it and feel that everyone should at least try this!

Hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!


Nesting already – But not how you think

I realize I am only about halfway through this pregnancy, and should not be encountering this part quite yet. I have already started getting fully immersed into the nesting mode. Organizing, cleaning, planning, checklists, and purging out the old stuff to make room for new. I am not sure why it’s so early this time around, but maybe it’s the looming fact that we will now have two children in our home, and the time to get hings done without interruption will quickly be upon us. Among the many many relevant projects we have on the list related to having another baby (which I plan to share) One of the main items I cannot get out of my mind is not related to having a baby AT ALL! My closet and the wardrobe that resides within it. I know your thinking, “this girl is nuts” I get it I am 19.5 weeks pregnant and starting to think about how can I clean out my closet and re-vamp my non-maternity wardrobe. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Part of this particular nesting item is stemming from the fact that due to my limited clothing options, I am currently dealing with, I am slowly realizing I have a lot of just…stuff. Stuff I don’t wear, stuff I wore once and never again, and stuff that is another variation of anther item I currently own. Why am I hoarding all this Stuff?

It got me thinking while I am preggo why not just slowly eliminate pieces so that once I am done having children I can just start from scratch. I mean I am in my 30’s now, and maybe it’s time to have a wardrobe that reflects that. It’s not about trends anymore, but about having those classic essentials, that maybe cost a bit more, but will last me so much longer and fit so much better. The more and more I start looking for inspiration in this “Classic closet” I am going to start creating The more I realize the essential pieces you invest in don’t just make one outfit, but like 5 or 6 different outfits! I feel like I just had a friend smack me in the forehead and say duh why didn’t you start this sooner. Don’t get me wrong I will always love fashion, trends, and fun pieces, but for me I want to invest in my fashion after this next child. I want my closet t be a clean and ready slate to begin this new process for when I am ready to start shopping for non maternity wear again.

Came across this little checklist on Pinterest, and thought this was a great way to start. Seriously follow that image source link if you love checklists as much as I do!


Image Source

So what is the game plan since I am still preggo you ask?

1. Well I am going to start by slowly eliminating the things I don’t need out of my wardrobe. I feel that being pregnant will help this process happen much faster and easier then if I wasn’t.

2. While pregnant I can start to research the exact items I plan to invest in so that I can properly save and budget for those items.

3. Some items I might start to purchase while I am pregnant (ex. Boots, shoes, Bags,accessories) Again sticking to the notion of Classic pieces.

4. I recently created this Pinterest board to help aid me in the time of “research” while completing the rest of this pregnancy.

So what do you think about the idea of creating a “classic closet” or a “grown up” closet? I would love to hear what you would do and what you would change or get rid of in your own venture to create a similar concept in your wardrobe.


Strong is Beautiful – Being a fit momma

“Strong is Beautiful” is a mantra one of my Barre instructors is constantly saying. Since one of the big struggles of pregnancy for me is letting go of the fact that body is going to change and get bigger. I am trying to live by this mantra each and everyday. I have always struggled with my weight and body, like many many women do. So letting go of that control has been a struggle, but a healthy struggle for me to encounter. Learning to let go of what is comfortable and allow nature to take it’s course is an amazing lesson for me personally. Taking that negative focus of weight gain during pregnancy and focusing on how can I be strong has allowed me to accept the changes I am going through much better then before. With that said. I am still running and attending Barre and Yoga classes on a regular basis. I have had to modify a few things here and there, but in all I am sticking to the things I normally love to do. The changes I have made is that now the focus is on being strong for not just me but for baby number 2 as well.

Pregnancy running

Running has been the one I have had to adjust the most. My pace and speed is now mins slower than what I am accustomed to, and the pressure of baby on my bladder has really allowed me to be creative in where to find “pit stops.” However, I still keep trucking along 😉 Using a support belt has helped immensely. Not just with the bladder pressure, but my sciatic paint that comes with running as well. If your a pregnant momma on the run and plan to keep running I am highly recommending a support belt.



OMG I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing yoga and Barre have been and are while pregnant. Barre is my go to class of all time. I cannot rave on about Barre enough. I love, love, love this class and type of workout. Did you know I never had arm definition till I started barre? well I do. And while pregnant this class is helping me to maintain muscle, strength, and helping me to keep my hips and thighs in check. I wish I had done this class with my first. It is really one of the best workouts preggo or not.

Yoga is amazing as well pregnant or not. The fact that not only are you strengthening muscles, but stretching and allowing your body to realign and relax is a huge plus in my book. The only thing to be careful of is inversions and too much twisting while pregnant. Otherwise have at it. I love a good yoga class while Preggo and highly reccommend going throughout the whole pregnancy if you can.

*I don’t have any cool images while pregnant at Barre class, but here are a few from Yoga Rocks the Park a few weeks ago!  

Yoga downwarddog

Yoga meditation

Images from their FB page here photos taken by Courtney Perry and Yoga classes courtesy of Yoga Rocks the Garden MPLS Still time to find classes in your city here

Other Options

I know that some of you are thinking I don’t really run, and starting while pregnant is not highly recommended. And some might be thinking a yoga or barre studio membership is not in the budget. In those cases I would actually utilize a lot of Pinterest workouts. I personally use them when I am at home and just don’t have time to go to class, or the kiddo is with me at home. (Trust me pushing 30+lbs in the jogging stroller at almost 5 month preggo is not fun..at all) Here is my workouts board from Pinterest that has som great at home workouts, as well as my 2nd baby board that has a few amazing H.I.I.T and kettle bell preggo specific workouts to do at home.

So if your expecting and dealing with the same struggles as me, remember strong is beautiful, and your growing another human being in your body. Stay healthy, keep strong, and let go of the things you can’t control. Instead keep doing what you love for yourself and for your baby too!

* All opinions on Yoga Rocks the Park are of my own. There is no affiliation or monetary gain from this post. I really truly just LOVE what they are doing and that I could participate! 

Early Maternity – What to wear!!!

OK Let’s chat about maternity style. Not just maternity style in general but second time around maternity style. Things have been happening a lot faster then they did the first time. By 8 weeks this time around my hips had already shifted out, and the belly had started to pop. All I could think was, “holly crap how will I hide this for another 4 weeks!”  Somehow I managed to skimp by those 4 weeks in maxi dresses, flowy tops, and stretchy jeggings. Seriously thank God for Jeggings. I managed to make it to 16 weeks before finally being able to fit into my maternity jeans without them falling down. I say finally this time around because I have accepted the fact that maternity pants are just way more comfortable then the vanity of saying I am still in non maternity pants. I mean it’s like wearing sweatpants all day, that’s how awesomely comfortable maternity pants can be. So ladies who are doing this the first time around, just own the maternity pant and rock it. Soak in the glory of comfort for those months that you can be wearing them as proud momma’s to be.

My goal, however, is how can I get through the rest of this summer without having to buy summer maternity wear and use up the fall winter stuff I already have? This my friends has not been as hard as I thought it would be. Like I said with jeggings (maternity and regular), maxi’s and flowy tops, this has actually been fairly easy for me. It’s really just a matter of how creative you are with your wardrobe choices and shopping with the intention of can and will I wear this after the baby is born next season. Sometimes You can find the right thing at the right price, but sometime it’s OK to splurge knowing that piece will be a staple well beyond maternity. Here are just a few of my staple early maternity/ just get me through the summer items.


1 |2 |3 | 4| 5 | 6 | 7-  Originally form Here can buy here

Hope this helps all you momma’s to be out there! Happy Wednesday!